An ode to sports fan everywhere

This project is a cultural platform with the aim to reclaim the word ‘fangirls’ – a term too often used against young women to ridicule and belittle them – and highlight both the relevancy and economic power these fans bring to the sports they love.

It all started with a two minute rant in 2021 about the relevancy and economic power of young female fans.

Then came the drops to offer sports merchandise women and girls would want to wear - and as it so happened it wasn’t just women who wanted fun sports apparel.

Apparel is also a great way to bring people together, build a community and spread awareness to kick start discussions. We want to have the important conversations about representation and inclusion in sports.

We’ve adopted the pre-order and drop model so that we only produce what is ordered. This helps us minimize waste and we avoid overproduction

How does this work?

Each drop is producing limited pieces meaning your items are unique as once the drop window closes, we will no longer produce that item.

Why use this model?

It forces us to keep getting creative and listen to the community’s wants and needs.

What does this mean?

Orders (once placed) will take 3-4 weeks before they land on your doorstep — so start practicing patience now.

Sunday Fangirls is founded by Toni
Cowan-Brown and Creative Directed by Codie
Toni Cowan-Brown
A San Francisco-based tech and Formula 1 commentator examining the crossovers with tech, politics, F1 and internet culture. My forte is combining academic rigour and facts with the right amount of personal stories and humour, and a good dose of cultural relevance.
I’ve been creating educational and entertaining content for over a decade. My content is written, audio and audio-visual in format, short-form and long-form, scripted and unscripted, live and recorded.
I co-host the weekly unscripted podcast, Another Podcast, with tech analyst Benedict Evans. I’m a regular F1 commentator with ESPN, SkySports and I’ve talked at Google, SkySports, BoF and Stanford.
Instagram / Youtube / TikTok
Codie Chang
Codie is a Taiwanese-American designer and art director based in Brooklyn. Bringing brands and design systems to life. Her love of F1 began deep in an internet rabbit hole; one karting day in Taiwan and a hand knitted Pirelli scarf later. Codie is excited about elevating the sport we wake up at odd hours to enjoy with Tearoffs. 
Since then, she has worked with Sunday Fangirls and Toni to design and create the website for the Beginner’s Guide to F1. Turning a 54 page, 19,864 word document into an interactive website. Design and creative direct the Sunday Fangirl merch drops, including patches, hoodies, shirts, hats, and more. Codie’s design background brings projects to life from the post-it note to reality, all fueled by the passion of a fangirl.
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For too long the word ‘fangirl’ has been used to silence, ridicule and push aside a whole demographic of sports fans.

But no longer.